Adding Fake Plants to the Crested Gecko Tank – Pros and Cons

Crested geckos are a popular pet for reptile enthusiasts, and their natural habitat includes plenty of vegetation. So, can you use fake plants in a crested gecko tank? Using artificial plants has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision for your pet’s home. Here’s what you need to know about using fake plants in a crested gecko tank!

Crested geckos are native to tropical environments and appreciate live plants in their tanks

Crested geckos are interesting and unique reptiles, easily identified by their striking appearance and amazing abilities. Due to their native tropical environments, geckos prefer warm temperatures and thrive with the addition of live plants in their tanks.

Plants provide geckos with the necessary cover and privacy they need to explore, climb, and play in safety. Additionally, it can be quite enjoyable for an observer to watch their gecko bask on a leafy branch or drink water droplets off of greenery.

Live plants also help keep the tank humidified, which is beneficial as geckos tend to dry out quickly when kept in dry climates. All gecko owners should consider adding live plants to their creatures’ enclosures!

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Fake plants can be used in a crested gecko tank, but should be avoided if possible

Fake plants can certainly give a crested gecko tank more personality, however, it is not recommended.

Many geckos may be attracted to the interesting textures and vivid colors of plastic plants, but these items can actually be dangerous for geckos if swallowed. Additionally, geckos naturally love to climb their enclosure and may end up getting stuck in fake plastic leaves or stems.

Therefore, if you decide to put fake plants in the gecko’s home, try to use ones that are made from soft cloth materials and play super close attention when they are near plastic decor.

Can You Use Fake Plants In A Crested Gecko Tank

If you do use fake plants, make sure they are made of safe materials and are not sharp

Although geckos may enjoy climbing and exploring fake plants in tank setups, it is important to make sure the plants are made from safe materials and have no sharp edges. This is especially true for gecko enclosures as geckos have delicate skin and are sensitive to chemicals or anything that can cause a reaction.

Not only could a gecko cut itself on sharp edges, but toxic materials can build up in their bodies and cause health complications. Therefore, if you choose to use fake plants in gecko tanks, double check they are made of safe materials so your gecko can stay healthy and happy.

Be sure to clean the fake plants regularly to prevent bacteria and mold growth

Keeping a gecko as a pet is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. However, geckos require a clean and sterile environment throughout their home in order to stay healthy.

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That’s why it’s important to remember to clean fake plants regularly, as they can harbor bacteria and mold if not maintained properly.

Not only can this put your gecko at risk of illnesses, but it also could affect the appearance of your gecko’s home. To ensure that your gecko has a safe and pleasant living environment, be sure to clean any artificial plants routinely with some mild soap and warm water.

Live plants are generally a better option for crested geckos, as they provide more benefits than fake plants

When it comes to housing and decorating the terrarium of a crested gecko, live plants can be a great addition. Not only do they look better aesthetically, but also help provide humidity stability as well as offering geckos places to hide and explore.

In addition, geckos tend to view their terrariums as part of their habitat and live plants are likely more interesting to them than fake ones would be.

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Artificial plants don’t need light or regular misting like live ones do, so if someone can handle the extra care, a gecko will definitely appreciate it in return!

Overall, it is best to use live plants in a crested gecko’s tank whenever possible. Live plants provide more benefits than fake plants and help create a more natural environment for your pet.

If you do choose to use fake plants, be sure they are made of safe materials and that you clean them regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

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