What To Do If You Lose Your Crested Gecko

If you’re a crestie owner, there’s always the possibility that your reptilian friend could escape. Whether they crawl out of their enclosure or are accidentally let out, it’s important to know what to do if you lose your crested gecko. Here are some tips on how to find your lost pet and keep them safe.

Don’t panic – your crested gecko is probably just hiding

It’s a normal experience for gecko owners: You go to check up on your gecko and find that he or she is nowhere in sight. It can be a bit unnerving, but don’t panic! Your gecko is likely just hiding well – after all, geckos are masters of camouflage and often make themselves invisible to the untrained eye.

While it’s possible that your gecko has escaped its tank, try taking a closer look before writing him or her off completely. You may be surprised by what you find!

Check all the places your crested gecko likes to hide, including under furniture and in dark corners

Keeping an eye on your crested gecko can seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of detective work from time to time you can locate them safely in no time. Be sure to check all of their favorite hiding spots – from under furniture and underneath decorations, to even the tiniest dark corner you can find.

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With this due diligence you’ll be able to ensure your gecko is safe within its enclosure more often than not!

If you still can’t find your crested gecko, put out some food and water in case it’s hungry or thirsty

If your little gecko is nowhere to be found, try putting out some food and water in case it’s feeling a bit under the weather. Generally speaking, crested geckos tend to like a variety of different fruits, so it wouldn’t hurt to put out a few gecko-safe foods like mango, papaya, and kiwi. Additionally, they need access to clean and fresh drinking water, especially if you live in an area with dry climate.

As such, you might want to consider putting out a bowl or dropper full of water in case your gecko decides to come back home soon. Doing this should give them the sustenance they need while they find their way around.

Ask your friends and family if they’ve seen your crested gecko anywhere

If you’ve recently misplaced, or worse: lost your crested gecko, all is not lost yet. Before turning to extremes like posting a gecko-finding advertisement on Craigslist and searching your nearby pet stores, try asking your friends and family if they’ve seen him anywhere – they might be more in the know than you think!

Even better would be narrowing down an area where you haven’t looked yet, such as a hiding spot geckos tend to frequent; this could be behind furniture, piles of clothing, or even a hole in the wall that went unnoticed before. With any luck your gecko will turn up in no time at all!

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Contact a local pet store or reptile rescue center to see if anyone has turned in a lost crested gecko

If you are looking for a lost crested gecko, contacting your local pet store or reptile rescue center can be a great place to start. Lost geckos may have made their way to one of these locations if they were found by someone in the local area.

Staff at these businesses may also be able to provide useful advice on how to further your search. Finding a lost gecko can be tricky – so make sure to not give up on your search and keep checking back with pet stores and rescue centers for updates!

Keep looking – crestie owners have been known to find their pets months after they’ve gone missing

If you are the owner of a beloved gecko that has gone missing, never give up hope! Although geckos are well-known for their impressive jumping abilities, they have been known to stay in the same area for months even if they have escaped.

People have often found their gecko perched right near their window sill or among decorative plants, usually weeks or even months after they had vanished. Don’t stop looking – gecko owners have often stunned to find their pet gecko safely at home after months of searching. So don’t be discouraged and keep your eyes peeled!

We hope you found the tips we provided helpful in reuniting with your beloved crested gecko! The most important thing to remember is to not panic – your little one could be hiding somewhere nearby.

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Take some time to check all of its favorite spots and don’t forget to have your friends, family, local pet stores, and rescues help you look. Just stay patient and keep searching – maybe yours will join the stories of crestie owners who unexpectedly reunite with their beloved pets many months after they’ve gone missing! Best of luck in finding them soon, and until then just keep hoping for the best!